Unruly Passenger Facing Federal Charges For Interfering With Flight Crew

Unruly Passenger Facing Federal Charges For Interfering With Flight Crew

16/07/2021 Off By tsshopadmin

An unruly passenger from California is facing federal charges after causing a disturbance during a flight between Los Angeles and Miami last week.

According to The Associated Press, 27-year-old Anthony Kevin Trujillo was on a July 7 flight when he started to complain of a gas leak and then accused a fellow passenger of storing bomb parts in her socks.

When confronted by a flight attendant, Trujillo accused the crew member of carrying explosive components in his bag and tried to wrestle the bag away from him.

Two air marshals onboard attempted to calm down the unruly passenger, but he charged down the aisle toward the front of the plane and had to be restrained. Trujillo was arrested when the plane landed at Miami International Airport.


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Trujillo appeared in federal court Wednesday and was formally charged with interfering with flight crew members and attendants. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Earlier this month, an unnamed passenger aboard a late-night flight found herself duct-taped to her seat after allegedly going ballistic and physically attacking flight crew while attempting to open an exterior door in mid-air.

The incidents come as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported the single highest weekly case number of unruly passengers last week, the worst report of the summer.