Travel Smarter, Ship Your Luggage

Travel Smarter, Ship Your Luggage

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Airlines mishandle or lose nearly 3 million pieces of luggage annually. The best way to ensure your baggage arrives at your destination when you do? Ship your luggage ahead.

Picture this: You’re all packed and ready to go on your trip. Before your departure, ShipGo arranges to have your bags picked up from your doorstep. You breeze through the airport baggage-free and arrive at your destination to find your suitcases already waiting for you.

ShipGo will arrange to pick up your luggage and sporting equipment from your home, office, hotel, or resort and deliver them to wherever your travels take you. If you are travelling abroad, they will handle all customs paperwork on your behalf to ensure on-time delivery.


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Simply schedule your shipment online, attach your labels, and prepare for your pickup date. It’s just that easy.

Then, you’re off to the airport, where you don’t have to worry about balancing your bags with your coffee in one hand and cell phone in the other. Parents you already have your hands full trying to corral your kids at the airport. So why not leave the bags to someone else?

Once it’s time to board the plane, you’ll have the luxury of boarding without the need to rush and find an overhead bin to store your carry-on bag. Have you ever felt the panic of the airline announcing there is limited overhead space available, and they will start gate-checking bags? If so, use ShipGo to ship your luggage ahead and enjoy a stress-free travel experience baggage-free.

By sending your suitcases ahead, you’ll not only save yourself the hassle at the airport, but you’ll also reduce your time spent among airport crowds at baggage claim and check-in counter. ShipGo’s contactless pickups and deliveries are the safest way to lessen contact points and interactions at the airport.


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After landing, you can walk straight out the door and make your way to your final destination without getting stuck at the baggage claim or even worse, finding out the airline lost or damaged your luggage. Did you know that in 2019, airlines mishandled over 2.8 million bags? Don’t be one of them travel smarter and ship your bags with ShipGo.

Shipping your luggage or gear with ShipGo is the best way to make sure your items are awaiting your arrival. ShipGo’s on-time delivery guarantee ensures your baggage is delivered where you need it when you need it.

Despite charging almost $ 5 billion in baggage fees in 2019, more airlines (and even JetBlue) are charging for both carry-on and checked luggage. As a result, savvy travellers are moving away from the hassle of airline baggage handling and to more convenient (and cost-effective) shipping services.

You’ll have access to real-time tracking along with pickup and delivery notifications, so you never have to wonder about your bag’s whereabouts. You can even download ShipGo’s mobile app for stress-free booking and tracking right at your fingertips.

Additionally, ShipGo’s service includes $ 500 of insurance for free. Want more protection? For a small fee, you can add up to $ 10000 worth of insurance on each item you’re shipping.