The Latest Honeymoon Trends For 2021

The Latest Honeymoon Trends For 2021

15/07/2021 Off By tsshopadmin

With the pandemic easing, more people being vaccinated and travel restrictions relaxing, couples are eager to tie the knot and travel on honeymoons.

A survey from Zola asked almost 2000 engaged and newly married couples about their honeymoon plans to gauge how they perceive travel and whether or not they’ll take their honeymoons this year.

Around 60 % of engaged couples are planning some type of honeymoon for 2021, with stays being on average seven to eight days long, which is markedly longer than 2020’s average stay length, which was five days.

Of those planning honeymoons this year, 46 % are planning a minimoon, a shorter, cheaper escape after they marry, then expect to have a full honeymoon later on, perhaps when they can travel to the destination of their choice without restrictions. Most couples (92 %) feel comfortable travelling domestically, while 58 % feel comfortable travelling internationally.


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Around 38 % of couples had to reschedule their honeymoon plans due to the pandemic.

The top honeymoon destinations for 2021 are currently Hawaii, Mexico, Disney World, Greece and Jamaica, citing a sense of sticking closer to home or choosing locations within North America that centre around warm-weather destinations with access to the beach.

According to Zola’s wedding registry tool, more couples are now adding travel-related products to their registries, like luggage (292 % higher), hotel gift cards (166 % higher), airline gift cards (162 % higher) and cruise gift cards (221 % higher).

Couples, especially those who are planning their weddings for this year or have been recently married, are ready to travel again and are eagerly planning their honeymoons for this year.