Remote Control Suitcase


The battery is detachable and can be taken off at any time when boarding. Use ultrasonic probes to intelligently avoid obstacles.

Black (type A)Black (type B)Silver (type A)Silver (type B)


Breakthrough the traditional luggage restraint, add more technical features, automatically follow, app remote control, fingerprint unlocking, intelligent obstacle avoidance, anti-lost reminder, USB peripheral charging and so on. Automatically follow UWB radiofrequency ultra-wideband technology, precise positioning with high precision positioning, the fastest speed is 6 km / h. The main body shell is made of imported PC material, and the three layers conform to the pressure-resistant structural sheet, which is firm and tough.

The box is designed according to the size of the boarding, can be directly taken on the plane through the security check, directly remove the battery when the security check, can be used as a charging power. Standard 62.6 wh battery, detachable, similar to a charging treasure, beautiful and portable.


  • Size: 381 x 533 x 246 mm
  • Speed: 6 km / h
  • Material: ABS
  • Capacity: 32 L
Specification Type A Type B
Bracelet use time: 3 h 8 h
Bracelet standby time: 10 days 90 days
Boot reminder: Light Vibration and light
Driving wheel starting: 2 s 1 s
Driving wheel size: 7 cm 8 cm
Lost alert: Yes No
Ambient light: Single type Three types
Data refresh rate: 10 Hz 20 Hz
Independent suspension: No Yes



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