Multi-Layer Document Tickets Storage Bag


With a soft handle, this cash bag is convenient to carry all-around. There is a fixed strap on the back of the money bag, convenient for us to fix it on the lever of the suitcase when travelling. The widened fixing strap is firmer and will not loosen and swing.

Black (2 layers)Black (3 layers)Black (double zipper)Blue (2 layers)Blue (3 layers)Blue (double zipper)Gray (2 layers)Gray (3 layers)Grey (double zipper)


This is how you like to store documents, safe and sound from water. This waterproof bag fits a lot of documents! Instead of storing your critical documents (titles, deeds, trusts, wills, passports, bank info, birth certificates, etc.) in filing cabinets, this is how they should be stored. Although we save most of our stuff digitally, there are critical documents that we still need to keep and this bag is so perfect for this.

This is a good size for storing all kinds of documents, devices, and other important items. It is well organized and has a place for travel documents (passports), a place for credit cards and thumb drives, a place for tablets and laptops, and a big space for paper documents. This is a great solution for safely storing important documents at home. It is big enough to hold most of the important things that an average person would need.


  • Linen and cotton pattern, waterproof fabric
  • Plastic steel, password lock, won’t rust
  • Woven hand, dense and tough, zipper
  • Strong and wear-resistant


  • Size: 37 x 10.5 x 27 cm
  • Material: Oxford fabric


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