Classic Travel Suitcase On Wheels


The classic luggage is robust, durable, and lightweight. It also features scratch-resistant technology, so it will continue to look fresh while you travel and for many trips to come. It is available in several colours, and for a security bonus, it comes with a TSA lock mounted on the side.



Plenty of storage space: The elegant and spacious suitcase offers travellers an unmatched packing capacity than its counterparts. It can hold up to 36 L / 64 L and will keep your travel essentials protected. This lightweight suitcase offers enough space that you don’t have to worry about missing out on your essentials, making it perfect for travelling.

Noise-minimizing and shock-absorbent wheels: With the help of 4 dual spinner wheels made of highly elastic TPE material, you can easily and effortlessly carry your luggage across all types of surfaces. Its four spinner wheels and ultralight design will aid you in easy mobility and tension-free packing.

Handle with 4 height settings for easy manoeuvring: The sturdy handle, made of reinforced aluminium alloy material, feels extremely comfortable and is ergonomically designed. The handle has been anodized to provide a premium metallic look. The suitcase will glide effortlessly over any surface with its combination of exquisiteness, durability, and functionality. So get ready to seek new adventures and make unforgettable memories.


  • Weight: 3.1 kg, 4.1 kg
  • Size: 20″ (37.5 x 22.3 x 55 cm), 24″ (42 x 25 x 61 cm)
  • Material: PC
  • Capacity: 38 L, 64 L