Car Pillow Made Of Memory Foam


Good care for passengers. The car seat pillow can comfortably support the head and one side of the neck, relax the muscles and prevent the neck from floating due to long-term bending, fatigue and pain.

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What are the functions of car seat pillows? Lacking head support can cause your neck to ache, and when sleeping in a moving car, your head is always hit against the doors and windows of the car. This neck pillow will help you.

Comfortable nap time. The main design of car seat pillows is to provide passengers with head and neck support when they fall asleep, thereby providing a more comfortable nap time.

The U-shaped support design provides head support. Whether the main driver or the assistant driver, it can provide comfortable support for your head like a U-shaped pillow during rest. The side pillows of the headrest are filled with soft and thick memory foam pads, which is enough to be used as a cushion.

Easy to install. The headrest is detachable, and it can be easily fixed on the headrest support rod. Protect your head from knocking on car doors and windows. Take care of your family, friends or business partners.


  • Material: Memory foam
  • Size: 31.5 x 21 x 18.5 cm


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