Business Suitcase With Front Cover


Easy access and convenient storage: The front cover design allows business travellers who travel frequently, even if stranded at the airport, to quickly take out their laptops to work and make the most of every precious second.

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A 20″ business travel suitcase letting you be the master of time and controlling time reasonably and effectively can enhance work efficiency and enhance the quality of life.

The international standard business boarding case, the colour of the box shell and the front cover echo, highlighting the business texture. The unique front cover design allows the items in the box to be stored in an orderly manner.

Germany Bayer PC material, stronger impact resistance: The main box shell is made of Bayer PC material in Germany, with 3 layers of composite pressure-resistant structural sheet material, which is strong and tough. The fine frosted surface finish uses high-end technology, adding metal powder, gloss and texture.

TSA double password lock for double security: The combination lock is designed on the top of the case for easy access to commonly used items. One lock corresponds to one password and controls 2 positions at the same time. The curved pull tab is more fitted to the overall box shape, and the groove design reduces the possibility of being hit at the same time.

3 ribs to provide solid support: The front cover incorporates three reinforcing ribs, making the soft EVA material stronger and more impact-resistant, highlighting a stable and tough business temperament. Adjustable wide-angle opening and closing: The front opening cover can be adjusted by Velcro and accordion fold.

Store common items outside the front compartment: The top 2 multifunctional pockets can hold wallets and mobile phones. The lower translucent mesh belt can hold books or notebooks, and a pen pocket is on the side.

Comfortable stretch handle: It is solid and durable, not easy to break, and it has an excellent elasticity. It can keep the overall shape of the suitcase.


  • Material: PC
  • Application scope: Business Trip
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Size: 51 x 37 x 23 cm


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