Antibacterial Hardside Travel Rolling Luggage


Quiet and smooth: Universal wheels, high-strength TPE to reduce friction and noise; equipped with double rows of 8 wheels, stable and vertical under high load in various road conditions, making every sliding light and effortless.



With the idea of making a work of art, the classic fashion elements stripes, are inherited over a hundred years. Stripes designed into this suitcase. Travel is no longer a hush walk, but is your attitude, is your attitude to fashion, the attitude to life.

Long-acting antibacterial lining: The 99 % antibacterial lining can reduce infection and carry germs, and reduce the chance of bacterial invasion during the rainy season and when it is idle for a long time and can effectively kill common viruses such as influenza virus, E. coli, golden grape ball, etc. to ensure the cleanliness of the luggage interior. The lining has been tested and certified by German TÜV for effective antibacterial and antibacterial, with an antibacterial rate as high as 99 %. It is a safety guard who accompanies you on your trip.

Clamshell TSA code lock, anti-collision and beautiful appearance: The clamshell lock design can prevent the built-in TSA customs lock from deforming due to collision, and the appearance is very beautiful. The international TSA code lock is both efficient and convenient.

Bayer 3-layer tough PC: The brand-new German Bayer polycarbonate is more flexible and durable than other ABS / ABS + PC materials, and has good resilience. Don’t be afraid of falling during transportation durable.

High-strength aluminium alloy: 0.8 mm aluminium alloy is hard and load-bearing not easy to break. Leave a reasonable space, even if the box is full the box can be pulled out smoothly.


  • Material: PC, Fabric
  • Size: 20″ (37 x 22 x 49 cm), 24″ (42 x 25 x 61 cm) 26″ (46 x 27 x 66 cm)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg, 3.8 kg, 4.3 kg
  • Capacity: 40 L, 64 L, 81 L
  • Colour: White, Grey, Green, Red, Blue
  • Shaking degree < 15 mm


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