New England Donates 30000 Backpacks To Military Families

New England Donates 30000 Backpacks To Military Families

11/08/2021 Off By tsshopadmin

The campaign aims to help military families.

Needed now more than ever, the New England Patriots announced that they will be assisting America’s youth and families from our United States military by donating a whopping 30000 backpacks filled with goods for the upcoming school year.

According to the team’s website, The New England Patriots Foundation, New England Revolution Charitable Foundation, the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation (MMSF) and Ocean State Job Lot are coordinating the campaign titled, Operation Backpack.

The campaign aims to help children that are facing the constant challenges and changes involved with having a family that actively work to keep our nation safe and secure.


New England Patriots Commence Operation Backpack to Support Military Families | SOFREP


Don Cox, the founder of the Massachusetts Military Support Fund, gave his insight as to how the donation will make a difference for tens of thousands of children in need.

“Military children often face moving multiple times and changing schools or having a parent deployed. We are proud to partner with the Patriots, Revolution, Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree Stores to provide military children with the basic tools needed to participate in school.”

In association with Kraft Family Philanthropies, their website’s mission statement reads:

“Robert and Myra Kraft each came from families that taught and practised the principles of philanthropy. Fifty years ago, they began their own mission of philanthropy and taught their children the importance and value of giving back. Today, with more than $ 400 million in donations from the Kraft family and their foundations, the power of philanthropy has been felt by youth and families around the world by assisting programs that foster cultural diversity, education, family and health.”

Sounds like a winning organization to us.