How Can Travelers Obtain A French Health Pass?

How Can Travelers Obtain A French Health Pass?

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Vaccinated American travellers are once again able to enter France for tourism purposes, but travellers bound for France must complete an additional step in order to visit restaurants, cafes or a variety of other indoor venues.

The pass Sanitaire, or health pass, was implemented on July 21 for entrance to museums and movie theatres. From August 9, the pass is required for entry by French citizens and visitors alike to restaurants, cafes, trains, domestic flights and most other indoor venues.

The pass is distinct from the documents required for visitors to enter France from abroad, and the procedure for visitors not resident in the European Union is slightly different. Residents of France and EU countries benefit from their vaccinations already being electronically tracked via the country’s health system and have the ability to scan a QR code from their vaccination certificate into the pass Sanitaire for tracking.

Non-EU residents can receive a QR code equivalent to the French COVID vaccination certificate by e-mailing proof of vaccination (such as a Centers for Disease Control vaccination card) along with an identity document, application form, and airline ticket. The forms and information are available in English on this French government website. Travellers must apply separately.


EU Covid health pass approved for travel use from July 1


The system is currently prioritizing travellers who are already in France or those who will arrive before August 15. Travellers arriving in France after that date will have their documents processed at a lower priority, based on their expected arrival date. The COVID certificate will be recognized throughout the European Union.

Travellers who are already in France or who are travelling to France imminently, but have not yet received a French COVID certificate, can get a rapid antigen test on a walk-in basis at French pharmacies. A negative test will serve as a valid health pass for 72 hours while travellers await the receipt of a COVID certificate. Travellers can store their COVID certificates electronically by downloading the TousAntiCovid app on their smartphone and scanning the QR code from their vaccination certificate or negative COVID test.

The COVID certificate is not required for minors aged 12 to 17 years until September 30. Minors aged 12 and younger are not subject to COVID certificate requirements.

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