Delta Air Lines Gifts Care Package To 3-Year-Old Girl Named Delta

Delta Air Lines Gifts Care Package To 3-Year-Old Girl Named Delta

16/08/2021 Off By tsshopadmin

Delta Gerardi, 3, received a gift from the airline with which she shares a common name.

According to the airline’s recent blog post, Delta Air Lines went above and beyond to make sure a 3-year-old girl remained confident about her name.

Virgin Galactic’s Kellie Gerardi, 32, shared a tweet on Aug. 3 to vent about the comparisons her daughter, Delta Gerardi, is getting with the COVID-19 delta variant.

“Petition not to call it ‘Delta Plus’ and instead move on to the next letter in this cursed variant alphabet,” Gerardi tweeted. “Sincerely, the mother of a very sweet little Delta who once thought the airline would be the most annoying namesake joke.”

Gerardi went on to playfully tag Delta Air Lines, writing: “I feel like we should ally this matter.” Daron Delta Single Plane : Tools & Home Improvement


Little did the public know, employees at Delta Air Lines worked behind the scenes to put together a care package for Delta, which she received on Monday, according to a follow-up tweet Gerardi shared.

“We sent her a care package that included a handwritten note, Delta backpack, Biscoff cookies and a model plane,” said Andrea Feminella, the airline’s audience engagement manager, in a statement. “Basically, everything we could find at the Delta Flight Museum gift shop with the name ‘Delta’ on it.”

Gerardi updated her social media followers about the airline’s sweet gesture with photos.

In an Instagram post, Gerardi wrote own her daughter was “over the moon” when she received her care package.

“She just recently learned to read and write her own name, so it was extra special to watch her delight as she discovered it on each item she unwrapped,” Gerardi captioned the post.

“We’re so happy she loved her surprise,” Delta Air Lines replied. “Hope she feels as special as her name is.”



In an email sent to Fox News, representatives at Delta Air Lines wrote: “Our people saw this as an opportunity to send a message to little Delta’s everywhere that the Delta name is amazing and no variant is going to change that. We hope she knows how much we love her name and how special she should feel.”

Gerardi did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

She’s no stranger to aeronautics, however. The mom of one is a bioastronautics researcher who made news in July when she got recruited by Virgin Galactic as a “citizen astronaut.”